Affordable Education for all

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Our mission is to “empower every Indian student to achieve full potential”. 88academics will provide students high quality enrichment for English, Math, Science, Information Technology and Mother tongue.

Children’s education is the #1 priority for parents across India and that is deeply engrained in our value system. We are acutely aware of the direct correlation between education and social mobility. Better neighbourhoods tend to have better schools and the parents can afford more tuition to supplement the school education thereby improving the odds for better scores leading to better careers.

The direct financial cost of tuition is the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately, we don’t think we have fully understood the cost of the prevalent tuition culture. At a minimum, students are losing their childhood and for many families the parents are losing the financial security of their golden years. Young children are sitting through lessons which are way longer than their natural attention span, may be taught by teachers with varying competence levels and there is often no feedback loop to figure out if any of this is helping.

We have founded academics with the social objective of making high quality technology-based learning content available to all Indian students. We set out to address the 5 key concerns (Cost, Convenience, Competence, Content and Comfort) plaguing the current education and tuition systems. Leveraging analytics, computer assessments and some of the world’s best video technologies, we will develop a comprehensive solution which could make life easier for students and their families. With the launch of academics we have taken a small step in making our dream of “empowering every Indian student to achieve full potential” a reality.