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Courses taught by the best teachers with expertise and
experience, and conducted in an engaging manner to keep
the students involved.

Affordable Education for all

We have founded academics with the social objective of making high quality technology-based learning content available to all.

Our mission is to “empower every Indian student to achieve full potential”. 88academics will provide students high quality enrichment for English, Math, Science, Information Technology and Mother tongue.

Children’s education is the #1 priority for parents across India and that is deeply engrained in our value system.

The key features of our education model are

Special attention will be given to building a strong foundation for Math and IT skills

Basis of content

The content will be developed in line with NEP-2020 and our initial focus will be on students upto the age of 11. Special attention will be given to building a strong foundation for Math and IT skills.

Teaching Methodology

Ours is TAR Model i.e., Teach, Assess and Review. (a) Each module will start with a teaching section in which concepts will be taught (Teach). (b) This shall be followed by Assessment of Student...

Latest Technology

We will deploy the world’s best technologies for delivering the modules and develop the product with a mobile first mindset to ensure wide reach and availability. We shall be using advanced...

Affordable Price

The students shall be provided education in all subjects, namely, Mathematics, Science, English, Hindi (or regional language).

Online Delivery

The delivery shall be online. It is not restricted to laptops and tablets. We are developing an App through which students can download the lectures on their mobile phones. We are also tying

Employment Generation

We shall be hiring the best teachers across India to develop the content and for teaching. We shall also be hiring the academicians and leaders in education and technology for the project.

About demo video

About Us

88academics (INDIA) has been established with the social objective of making quality video-based learning material available to ALL Indian students. Technology, connectivity, and social media are rapidly changing the world of Education and we wish to lead the democratisation of the tuition industry in India. The current tuition options available in the market are expensive and cater only to the upper classes leaving students from middle and lower-income families at a disadvantage. We intend to leverage technology to level the playing field.

88academics will develop the curriculum in line with the New Education Policy 2020. We will focus on building a strong foundation for our young students and work towards making it accessible to all Indian students.

Promoted by professionals with over 30 years of teaching experience led by Mr.Vinod Gupta, a leading academician for the course of Chartered Accountancy in India for the last 30 years.